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Mindy Horsely, Support Staff of the Month
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Wednesday, March 24, 2021
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I’m writing to give my personal recommendation of Mindy Horsley for the support staff of the month award.  Mindy has worked for the district as a substitute teacher for longer than I have been a teacher.  Her willingness to support any teacher or aide in the Lund school is legendary.  I’m sure that if you went back through the records you would find many weeks and months that she has subbed everyday in a different class.  She truly is an asset to the district and to Lund schools.

Mindy has been a substitute teacher working at Lund schools for as long as I can remember.  Even in my early days as a teacher, if she was available she would sub in my class.  She always is willing to help.  She is also a no-nonsense teacher, many students will try to push their limits when a substitute teacher is in the class.  Not with Mindy.  Many teachers would do well to spend a few hours learning classroom management from Mindy.  Some substitute teachers specialize in a certain grade band.  But Mindy will substitute in any grade, K through 12, special education, or teacher aide and be phenomenal in her execution of whatever lesson plans the teacher has given her.

Mindy exemplifies what it means to be support staff.  Willing to give of herself in any area, at almost any time.  I highly recommend Mindy Horsley for the support staff of the month award.  This wonderful educator has shown that she has and will continue to contribute to the success of Lund school and the White Pine County School District.

Thank you for your time and consideration.