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KaeLene Scow, Support Staff of the Month
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Wednesday, March 24, 2021
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It’s with great pleasure that McGill Elementary school nominates KaeLene Scow as the March Support Staff Employee of the month. In her capacity as a social worker, she has been a great addition to our amazing staff here at McGill

KaeLene supports the district’s vision “to change the world” and our mission “to promote, support, and ensure high levels of learning. She does this as she works with students and mediates with them when they have problems with other students. This is demonstrated as she helps them honor each other through respectful language and helps them to find common ground. She also is really adept at helping them live the habit of "Seeking first to understand, then to be understood."

She has an honest desire to be of the most possible help that she can to our students, parents, staff and the school as a whole. She demonstrates this through collaborating with the staff to maximize her time with the students while minimizing disruption to their class time.

She has been willing to meet with parents at whatever time works best for them even nights and weekends. She very quickly gained the confidence of our students. They know that she will listen to them in a non judgemental setting.

KaeLene also shows her commitment by pursuing professional learning opportunities in order to improve her efforts.

In the short time that KaeLene has been employed in the district she has shown herself to be dedicated to the vision, mission, and ideals of our district and school. A big thank you from our students, staff and parents.