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Sarah Hulsey, March Teacher of the Month
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Thursday, March 04, 2021
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Sarah Hulsey is the nomination for the teacher of the month from McGill for WPCSD. She is only in her second year of teaching but you wouldn’t know that from watching her teach. She is a confident, passionate, and capable classroom teacher. 

In her first two years, Sarah has actively participated in Friday professional development, soaking in the skills she needs to excel in stretching her students’ learning.  She has also been a regular at mentoring, putting in the time necessary to attain world class status.

Sarah is following the district’s vision to change the world by creating a world class learning environment. She does this through hard work, collaboration, and professional development. She has shown a lot of growth in the areas of classroom management, content knowledge, student expectations, and rigor. 

Sarah meets with her hallway team officially on a weekly basis, but also collaborates as needed usually multiple times a day with others in the school. She is not afraid to ask for help or advice. 

She is well respected by her peers, by her students, and the parents of our students. She has the right mixture of compassion and expectations that motivate her students to work hard. 

We are very blessed to have Sarah as an important part of our amazing team here at McGill Elementary School.