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Nevada Association of School Superintendents' iNVest in Education
Posted On:
Monday, March 04, 2019

Each legislative session, Nevada's 17 school superintendents work collaboratively to establish a statewide platform for educational needs from the perspective of those in the trenches.  This year's iNVest features five recommendations.

  • Increase state spending on k-12 basic support by resetting per-pupil spending to current costs and eliminating structural deficits.
  • Provide stable funding that allows for longer term planning by redirecting funds intended for education to the Distributive School Account and creating a Rainy Day Fund.
  • Increase local control by allowing for flexibility within and between categorical funds and minimizing the number of competitive grant applications.
  • Protect districts' ending fund balances by providing legislative clarity that ending balance may not be considered as part of collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Create budgets in partnership by establishing two way communication when building the state budget and considering modifying budget timelines.

Click on this link for the iNVest document in its entirety.